About Azita

A graduate from McGill University’s physiotherapy program, Azita worked for 7 years at Montreal General Hospital and private clinics such as Concordia SportPhysio in Pointe-Claire. During this time, Azita gained invaluable experience working in different departments of a public hospital including:  in-patient/out-patient orthopedics, neurology, cardiorespiratory, geriatrics and the multidisciplinary team of MUHC chronic pain clinic. She also benefited greatly from the mentorship of specialists in the field of athletic/physical therapy and osteopathy in private clinics.

Azita has always had a particular interest in musculoskeletal disorders, and over the years she became particularly interested in Pelvic floor and women’s health. Azita continues to put a heavy emphasis on education by consistently attending post-graduate courses and reading extensively to further develop her advanced skills in diagnosis, pain science, manual techniques as well as in advance exercise, nutrition, integrative lifestyle medicine and visceral manipulation.

Throughout her career, Azita has been a clinical supervisor at MUHC, Dawson College Physiotherapy Technology program and continues as a clinical mentor for the McGill University Master’s program.  She has regular talks as a women’s health practitioner and a pelvic health educator, including the breast-feeding clinic of the CLSC St-Henri where she has been volunteering as a breast-feeding support mother since 2003. 

Azita Papaie Physio is the culmination of Azita’s passion in determining the root cause of a patient’s pain or muscular imbalance and in providing personalized progressive treatment in a healthy and calm environment.  She strongly believes that musculoskeletal health requires proper balance of a person’s physical, nutritional and stress management systems.  

Azita has also participated in many knowledge enhancement courses including:

  • 2021-Jennifer Mercier Therapy training and Fertility certification

  • 2019-Barral Institute visceral manipulation II

  • 2018-Barral Institute visceral manipulation I

  • 2018-Female Athlete level 1: Antony Lo

  • 2017- The Shoulder II: Lyn Watson

  • 2016-Motor control training for low back and pelvic pain: Paul Hodges

  • 2016-Anatomy Trains,The female pelvis and the cycle of life: Thomas Myers and Dr. Eden Fromberg

  • 2015-The shoulder I: Lyn Watson

  • 2015-Anatomy Trains, Myofascial meridians for manual therapists: Thomas Myers

  • 2014-Demystifying Pudendal Neuralgia as a source of pelvic pain: Stephanie Prendergast

  • 2013-Perineal re-evaluation I and II(incontinence and pain in male and female): Marie-Josee Lord and Claudia Brown

  • 2011-Musculoskeletal problems of pregnancy and post-partum in physiotherapy: Chantal Dumoulin

  • 2006-The McKenzie technique level III

  • 2006-Clinical Evaluation and Effective Management of Chronic Pain: Debbie Patterson (APTEI)

  • 2005/2006-Muscle Energy Techniques: Robert Powels

  • 2003-Vestibular rehabilitation in physiotherapy: Alain Godbout

  • 2002-TMJ, Cervical Headaches, Shoulder complex: APTEI

  • 2002/2003- Diagnosis and treatment of movement syndromes I, II and III: Shirley Sahrmann

  • 2001- Motor control and the neurophysiology of pain in lumbopelvic stability training: Paul Hodges and Lorimer Moseley

From swimming competitively in college to running the Ottawa half marathon, Azita has always been active.  Being familiar with properties of water from a young age, Azita is able to provide water rehabilitation programs post-injury or post-surgery. She began working as fitness instructor in 1993 in Toronto and has been teaching aquafit Classes ever since including at Westmount YMCA. This is where she swims with YMCA master’s swim team who gained 1st place of provincial swimming competitions in 2019, swimming 200m Butterfly is one of Azita’s prides.