Rééducation pelvienne et périnéale

La rééducation pelvienne et périnéale est une branche de la physiothérapie qui nécessite une formation post-universitaire. Elle implique des méthodes physiques de renforcement et/ou d’assouplissement des muscles du plancher pelvien afin d’améliorer la stabilité du tronc et le contrôle de la miction et des selles, d’améliorer la fonction sexuelle et le soutien des organes. Le traitement consiste également à traiter la posture, la respiration et les habitudes de vie du patient, qui peuvent jouer un rôle majeur et contribuer au dysfonctionnement pelvien.

De l’incontinence au prolapsus de l’utérus, en passant par les problèmes liés au rectum et à l’anus, la constipation, les rapports sexuels douloureux ou les difficultés de pénétration, il est de plus en plus évident que la physiothérapie du plancher pelvien est efficace dans le traitement de ces affections.

Azita Papaie a traité de nombreux patients souffrant de dysfonctionnements pelviens et périnéaux grâce à des techniques de libération myofasciale, des massages du plancher pelvien, des programmes d’exercices spécifiques, ainsi que des conseils sur les programmes de remise en forme et les changements de mode de vie.

Son approche unique, axée sur les traumatismes, consiste à éduquer et à responsabiliser les patientes à tous les stades de leur vie : jeune adulte, grossesse, post-partum, ménopause, pré/post-chirurgie et douleurs pelviennes.

La physiothérapie du plancher pelvien nécessite un examen interne et externe du bassin afin d’évaluer et de corriger les déséquilibres du plancher pelvien. Dans certains cas, des examens pelviens externes exclusifs et un traitement se révèlent efficaces.

Anna AbbandonatoAnna Abbandonato
01:34 26 Oct 22
Azita is a top notch physiotherapist. I always leave her practice feeling so much better. She’s attentive, thorough and very knowledgeable. She takes the time to explain what is happening and follows every treatment with excellent guidance of at -home exercise. My whole family has used her at one time or another for rehabilitation of broken bones to chronic aches and pains.I truly cannot recommend Azita enough!
Tiantian GaoTiantian Gao
20:31 17 Oct 22
Azita is an amazing physio! She's extremely professional and knowledgeable! ( I wish I could give 10/5 stars here! ) She really helped me with my shoulder and back pain, she's also very warm and caring, I enjoyed talking with her very much. Highly recommended!
Marilyn MEIKLEMarilyn MEIKLE
20:04 16 Oct 22
I have been a client of Azita Papaie for over ten years. If there were more than five stars I would be giving them to her. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, and meticulous in her treatment of her clients and their physio needs. Her follow-up is appreciated and above all, her smile that greats you at each appointment is the perfect start to each session.
lori seguinlori seguin
14:23 11 Oct 22
Azita is an amazing physiotherapist. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and what it needs to feel better. When I was having extreme pain in my shoulder from a bad fall, she was able to get rid of the pain with manipulation and massage. She is also a very warm person and I enjoyed our conversations very much. I highly recommend her!
Xiaonan DaXiaonan Da
18:59 14 Sep 22
Azita is the best physio you can find. She is very professional and extremely good at what she does. I feel a lot better after each visit. She's been very helpful with my back pain.
Natasha ColeNatasha Cole
03:12 11 Sep 22
Azita is amazing! She is very professional and helped turn my TMJ into something controllable. She not only treats the problem during session, but she also gives you take home exercises so that you can help yourself as well. Would definitely recommend!
Liliane KhalilLiliane Khalil
09:01 08 Sep 22
I have been going to Azita for a couple of years now for back , shoulder and knee problems . She is very knowledgeable , professional & a life saver ! She never failed to enhance my quality of life and I cannot thank her enough . I never hesitated to refer to her friends & acquaintances , knowing that she will be part of the solution .
Tara WilkieTara Wilkie
13:09 29 Aug 22
Great first session! Azita is warm and knowledgeable. She was able to put me at ease and get me back on track after serious ankle surgery. I highly recommend.
Monica WongMonica Wong
03:10 14 Jun 22
Azita is an excellent physio who is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is thorough when doing the assessment and takes the time to listen. Her treatment along with prescribed exercises, stretches and teach me how to practice good form were extremely helpful in getting back on track for my right shoulder a few years ago. I am back for my left shoulder and I am confident she will do the same. I highly recommend Azita.
Ian RankinIan Rankin
12:26 31 May 22
‘I highly recommend Azita. Her eagle-eye and expertise in diagnosis are second-to-none. She has successfully helped me and other family members through a number of different issues over the years and this has brought great relief.’
Dali HammouchDali Hammouch
10:03 17 May 22
Azita is amazing. I have gone through many therapists in the last 30 years to help me with pain in my back and legs, but the pain kept always coming back. I met her in 2016 and have been her client since. I worked with her for my back and hips problems, and she was able to identify and help me correct the root problems, instead of only prescribing the usual stretching exercises.She has a holistic approach that look at all the body rather than focusing on where the pain is located. In addition, she ensures i have the tools to heal my body rather than requesting i keep coming back for more visits.Azita is a lifelong learner. Over the years, i saw firsthand how she keeps learning and adding more tools and techniques to help her clients. I benefited greatly from her expertise and competence. I would highly recommend her services.
Simon Niv PetrieSimon Niv Petrie
02:37 17 May 22
Azita is both personable and professional. I've had a couple different types of pain in different parts of my body from repetitive and long term stressors and weakness. All of it is massively better since seeing her. More than I thought possible. The nature and location of some pains are vulnerable/sensitive but Azita made me feel at ease right away by communicating clearly and respectfully before and throughout. As well as effectively relieving the pain.
Sevag BoyajianSevag Boyajian
16:01 12 Apr 22
I have been working with Azita over 10 years ago, and have benefited a lot from her knowledge base, open mindedness, and positive-practical approach to health.  Her end goal was always to support my physical health towards enjoying the activities that I was eager, but often hesitant, to lean into.  Her hands on approach has been helpful over the years. I also appreciate her diagnostic skills, her ability to listen, always giving practical suggestions towards the betterment of my overall strength and health.
Caroline BenchetritCaroline Benchetrit
13:09 03 Apr 22
Intuitive and experienced Azita found my injury and used her knowledge to treat the source not the symptom which was buried in the absence of use of muscles around the problem due to occupation and posture.Honestly she saved me from cortisone shots which would have eventually harmed my tissues and cartilage. I went from severe reduced mobility to about 95 percent. Mostly, because I’m not as diligent with my exercises :).She is really understated and modest. I highly recommend her for anyone needing Physio and specialized massage. She’s an excellent diagnostician.


Voici quelques-uns des diagnostics médicaux courants qui impliquent un dysfonctionnement du plancher pelvien et qui peuvent être traités par la physiothérapie :

  • Chez l’homme : dysfonctionnement érectile, incontinence d’urine ou de selles, urgence/fréquence urinaire, prostatite chronique non bactérienne, douleur au coccyx, cystite interstitielle, syndrome du côlon irritable, trouble persistant de l’excitation génitale, éjaculation précoce, constipation.
  • Chez la femme : Incontinence d’urine ou de selles, urgence/fréquence urinaire, douleur du coccyx, cystite interstitielle, infection urinaire résistante aux antibiotiques, syndrome du côlon irritable, lichen scléreux, prolapsus de l’organe pelvien, constipation.


Azita Physio est situé au 3287 boul. St-Jacques Ouest, à 2 minutes de la station de métro Lionel-Groulx et à proximité du Marché Atwater, du centre-ville de Montréal, de Westmount et de la Petite Bourgogne.